I-Stand Community Project Identity


Identity developed for a London based community project, I-Stand, to help local youths. In 2011, London had been in turmoil with knife and gun related crime heavily on the rise. In August of that year, it culminated in widespread rioting around London and other parts of the country, in response to a shooting that had taken place in Tottenham.

My friend had become dissillusioned with the situation and wanted to do something positive for the local communities to help educate the young people, to give them opportunity to better themselves and also be given a voice. The I-Stand speech bubble concept was developed to reflect this and to tap into youth culture with text messaging and social media.

I-Stand - Word Bubble

I-Stand - Logo Bubble

I-Stand - Purple Logo Bubble Tee
I-Stand - Black Logo Bubble Tee

I-Stand - Sketch
Initial Concepts
I-Stand - Sketch 2
I-Stand Typogram Concept
I-Stand - Speech Bubble Concept
Speech Bubble Concept